Boingo diaper fasteners

So ordered some boingo cloth diaper fasteners.
I use pre folds and covers.
They are a few cents more than a snappi and come with two, I ordered mine from, and they arrived in 48 hours.
My first reaction is wow these are big, I was excited though, so I put them on, they look a little large on her, but work great, the claws are less than the snappi, and leave about the same ‘marks’
They are the color ‘ punky pink ‘ and are the color expected, a nice hot pink.
The inside black stars are what hold the claw on, and are hard plastic, one thing I noticed are they can be felt through the cover( I mainly use thirsties) I am sure if I tried hard enough I could poke it through, but, I don’t actually see that happening and it’s just a thought.
They are less stretchy than a snappi, and you dont need to pull it tight, it’s meant for a looser fit.
I would say all in all it’s an awesome fastener, way better and easier than pin, not to mention safer even if it falls off.
I had her in a med thirsties and bummis when trifolding, and these help get more life out of the smalls and give better protection!
I shall give it a 4, it’s only been a day so I will be updating the durability soon enough!
Ollie and her boingos.