Reintroducing gluten

It’s been about four years since diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I was a die hard anti gluten person!
But after I had my daughter, it doesn’t seem so bad, almost non existent now.
I ate something with gluten in it, without even knowing it until the next day when I decided to double check the label.
No reaction!
So I tried something else, and nothing, now keep in mind I was starting small but I was sooo happy!
So here I am a couple weeks layer, and I am going to have some battered fish sticks tonight! ( tired and need something simple to make lol ) so stoked!
I’ll let yeah know if this is just a fluke and in the end it jut kicks my ass.



Makin curry!

So, my fav food, curry, is in the pot!
The man is making it tonight though!
One paste, so many ways to make it!
Start with your meat, cook it, and onions, add a can of tomatoes when meat is cooked. if it’s a big one then a half or quarter.
Add can or cooked potatoes.
Add paste, vindaloo, madras, rogan josh, whatever you want, i used madras, for say two chicken breasts, or a pack of chopped beef, a can of potatoes, tomatoes etc, I put two or three nice scoops!
Mix it up, let it start simmering a few mins, add a can of coconut milk, or a cup of plain yoghurt, or a cup of table cream. I am adding both coconut milk and a wee bit of cream(I like it thick)
If you want more sauce, add some water!
Make some basmati rice( the best ever!)
And serve the curry over the rice!
Sorry it’s not more specific, I perfected it with trial and error, I suggest you do that as well and use this as a guideline, just make it to your taste!
Ps, I put carrots and spinach in the one in the pic.