I am officially one of those moms..

One of those moms who take things lightly, who can admit, and laugh about shit that has happened, who doesn’t do everything by the book, and doesn’t even try to, who doesn’t try to be the perfect mama, I love just being a good one and evolving, learning and at times I could even say a bad one :s
Like today, I was so stoked ready to make some slow cooker yummys, bringing olive into the kitchen carrying her in her bumbo( I know, dumb, but what are those side handles for then! )
I had a fabulous grip on her, when shit, I slipped on those new alphabet foam mats I just got Ollie for under her jolly jumper.
Luckily, she landed on carpet, and luckily she was fine. But I cried, and kissed the shit out of her.
I don’t remember falling, I just remember the slip and seeing Ollie on the floor beside her bumbo.
Lesson learned?
Don’t EVER carry Ollie in that thing, and pick up the foam tiles! And walk slowly!
Now I know I’m horrible and should not have done it, but I am human and make mistakes!
By the way, am only five feet tall, and was holding the bumbo at waist level, she landed in her bumbo, and it tipped, a exaggeration to make a point!
I am one of those moms….


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