Starting solids.

Olive will be five months in about a week an a half, and a couple weeks ago we started her on solids.
“no just wait until she’s 6 months” I heard a lot. But, being Olives mother, I decided what was best for MY daughter.
So I pumped some milk, and gave her some cereal, she took to it right away.
We bought a couple jars of baby food, but decided against it after reading the ingredients, and remembering how simple it is to make your own baby food.
So someone bought us a baby bullet for Christmas (it is amazing)
After a three day watch and wait with the cereal, I made her some peas and spinach! She was pretty good with that.
No constipation problems, no stomach upsets, nothing bad, just good.
If you are around my age, a lot of us ate solids at four months, and if you are older, even earlier, now, we are all fine right!?! And so long as your not a moron, and pay attention if your baby is in distress it’s fine.
It is always best and easier on their bellies if you mix the cereal with breast milk.
Olive is loving it.



We got a new family member.

We got a new member, his name is Oscar, and he is a min pin.
He just loves olive and curls up and plays with her, and he doesn’t mind the occasional tug on his leg, lol.
We are teaching him to pee outside and walk on a leash, but it is hard with him being so small, he weighs about two lbs.
Unlike a lot of small dog owners, we are going to be training him, just because he’s small, does not mean he can be a shit.
Anyways here he is, meet Oscar!


Boingo diaper fasteners

So ordered some boingo cloth diaper fasteners.
I use pre folds and covers.
They are a few cents more than a snappi and come with two, I ordered mine from, and they arrived in 48 hours.
My first reaction is wow these are big, I was excited though, so I put them on, they look a little large on her, but work great, the claws are less than the snappi, and leave about the same ‘marks’
They are the color ‘ punky pink ‘ and are the color expected, a nice hot pink.
The inside black stars are what hold the claw on, and are hard plastic, one thing I noticed are they can be felt through the cover( I mainly use thirsties) I am sure if I tried hard enough I could poke it through, but, I don’t actually see that happening and it’s just a thought.
They are less stretchy than a snappi, and you dont need to pull it tight, it’s meant for a looser fit.
I would say all in all it’s an awesome fastener, way better and easier than pin, not to mention safer even if it falls off.
I had her in a med thirsties and bummis when trifolding, and these help get more life out of the smalls and give better protection!
I shall give it a 4, it’s only been a day so I will be updating the durability soon enough!
Ollie and her boingos.


I’m feelin sexy

like a ton of women, I have struggled with my weight. fluctuating number, stretchmarks, stretchmarks on my arms, on my arms!
I got to an alright weight, and then we got pregnant, I got worried about my body, how big it will get and all the extra marks!
I made it to seven months without any extra, and them bam! covered in em’.
My belly was covered in them, my tummy tats went all gnarly, it wasn’t pretty.
To be honest, I was not a fan of pregnancy, I was in pain, and extremely uncomfortable and was not able to be active, not to mention, a midwife from hell.
So after a ridiculous 40 hour natural-ish labor that ended in a c section(i wouldn’t get past 9 cm) olive joins us!
I was so happy to actually be able to walk! and the big belly was gone!
Now that I am flabby, covered in stretchmarks, and have a nice crooked c section scar (doc decided to be a hero and avoid my tattoos, yay, not.) complete with pooch, I have never felt better about myself!
knowing who i am, and who i want to be, a mommy, has helped me confidant in every aspect of my life, including my body.
I know I am not perfect, at all, but i feel sexy, my husband thinks im sexy, and I know my daughter doesn’t give a crap what I look like!
I d finally being confidant.
I wish more mothers would look at themselves, and not see ugly, but see mommy! the things you have gone through are miraculous, the majority of women get marks, the ones that don’t are extremely lucky and love to show it off, that’s why you see it so much, I wish more pictures of postpartum women, showed what the majority look like.
look at yourself and see that this is all part of the journey to be a mom, and there aint nothing wrong with it, embrace it and learn to love it.
I love knowing who i am now and that this body though different and not ideal to others, is part of that!


I am officially one of those moms..

One of those moms who take things lightly, who can admit, and laugh about shit that has happened, who doesn’t do everything by the book, and doesn’t even try to, who doesn’t try to be the perfect mama, I love just being a good one and evolving, learning and at times I could even say a bad one :s
Like today, I was so stoked ready to make some slow cooker yummys, bringing olive into the kitchen carrying her in her bumbo( I know, dumb, but what are those side handles for then! )
I had a fabulous grip on her, when shit, I slipped on those new alphabet foam mats I just got Ollie for under her jolly jumper.
Luckily, she landed on carpet, and luckily she was fine. But I cried, and kissed the shit out of her.
I don’t remember falling, I just remember the slip and seeing Ollie on the floor beside her bumbo.
Lesson learned?
Don’t EVER carry Ollie in that thing, and pick up the foam tiles! And walk slowly!
Now I know I’m horrible and should not have done it, but I am human and make mistakes!
By the way, am only five feet tall, and was holding the bumbo at waist level, she landed in her bumbo, and it tipped, a exaggeration to make a point!
I am one of those moms….


Reintroducing gluten

It’s been about four years since diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I was a die hard anti gluten person!
But after I had my daughter, it doesn’t seem so bad, almost non existent now.
I ate something with gluten in it, without even knowing it until the next day when I decided to double check the label.
No reaction!
So I tried something else, and nothing, now keep in mind I was starting small but I was sooo happy!
So here I am a couple weeks layer, and I am going to have some battered fish sticks tonight! ( tired and need something simple to make lol ) so stoked!
I’ll let yeah know if this is just a fluke and in the end it jut kicks my ass.


Back into crocheting

Well, getting back into it, some how I found the time ( mostly when dads home and can help with Olive)
I got into making these weird doll things?
Kind of look like bowling pins!
They are super fun to make, and Ollie loves them!